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How to Impress a Girl in Bed: 5 Tips for Mindblowing Sex

Do you want to make sure she loves having sex with you and keeps coming back for more?

If you give just a little thought to how you can improve her experience, it can have huge, huge pay offs.

Here’s 5 things you absolutely can’t afford to ignore if you want to know how to impress a girl in bed:


How to Impress a Girl in Bed - 5 Tips for MindBlowing SexTiming Really is Everything – So Don’t Mess it Up!

If you rush into sex too soon, it will be a disaster.  The sex will be a lot better once you’ve spent some time together, getting to know each other, and building up a little sexual tension.

You’ve probably noticed how food tastes way better when you’re really hungry.  Same principle applies here.

So have some patience.  Let the sexual tension build up.  Let the attraction build up.  Don’t jump into bed before you sense that both of you really want it.  This is a huge, huge part of knowing how to impress a girl in bed.

The more you both want it, the much better it will be and the more likely it is that she’s gonna walk away impressed, satisfied, and hungry for more…

Talk About Sex

Communication is the next key part of knowing how to impress a girl in bed.  To really impress a girl in bed you need to what she likes and doesn’t like.

Ask her and pay attention to how she reacts to things you do.  You may love that one particular position, but does it excite her too? Us girls aren’t as shy as you guys when it comes to talking about what we like and don’t like…

If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else.

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If You Don’t Warm Her Up She Won’t Enjoy the Main Event

For a woman, having sex without being properly ‘warmed up’ guarantees disaster.  Foreplay is not that complicated.  All you have to do is touch her – everywhere.  Use your hands, use your mouth, and don’t be shy.

Girls love foreplay, even though you may not.  Whatever you may think is right amount of foreplay, double it! The more you warm her up, the more she’ll enjoy what comes later…

Most Guys Are Incredibly Boring in Bed – Are You?

To impress girls in bed, you must use creativity.  The bedroom is not the place to be boring and conservative.

Lucky for you, most guys are exactly that – boring and conservative or even plain scared to try anything new.

To really truly impress girls in the bedroom you need to be adventurous.  Try blindfolds or handcuffs.  Try talking dirty or role playing.   Since most guys are boring as hell, it’s not that hard to stand out from the crowd.

Two of the easiest ways to add variety are to take your sex outside of the bedroom and to try different sexual positions.  Try having sex in the kitchen, or in the bathroom or up by a slightly exposed window.

Let Her Cross the Finish Line First

You have to make sure she orgasms.  Do this before you orgasm yourself.

Girls’ orgasms are much more complicated then guys’.  Not all girls orgasm in the same way.  How are you going to know what works for her?  Go back to point number two above – ask her!  She’ll be really happy you did and will gladly tell you what you can do to help her climax.

how to start applying this right away

ACTION: Try introducing a prop – handcuffs and blindfolds are a great place to start.

ACTION: Have sex outside of the bedroom.

ACTION: Try a new position.

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