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5 Really Good First Date Ideas: 5 Things She’ll Totally Love to Do

Wondering where to take the girl you just asked out on your first date?  You probably know by now that the standard “dinner and a movie” went out of date with bomber jackets and Corvettes.

So what to do?  Where can you take her that will be fun and will give you a real chance to get to know each other? 

5 Really Good First Date Ideas - 5 Things She'll Totally Love to DoHere are 5 really good first date ideas that almost any girl will love:

Almost Everyone Loves Beaches

If it’s summer and you live near a beach, this can be a really good first date idea.  Beaches are where people go to relax.

The ambiance at a beach is usually very chilled out and this may help both you to relax and open up.  At most beaches there is usually enough going on so that it doesn’t feel like it’s too intimate or private – which might make both of you more comfortable.

Casually hanging out at beach can also give you a chance to spend some time together without being interrupted by other people – waiters, bar staff, etc…

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Active Dates Are a Fun Low Pressure Way to Get to Know Each Other

There are lots of possibilities for physical activity based dates.  Rock climbing and hiking are two popular ones.  Indoor rock climbing is one that you can do year round.

Others, like hiking or rollerblading are obviously more weather dependent.  This type of first date is an especially good idea if you know ahead of time that your date is active or likes the outdoors.  However almost everyone has fun rock climbing.

Hiking is pretty laid back and doesn’t really require your date to be the active type either.

One big advantage of activity based dates is that they give you both something to focus on other than trying to keep the conversation going and can take away much of the first-date awkwardness.  You have opportunity to talk to each other and also something easy to talk about – the activity itself…

Go Sightseeing – There’s Tones of Stuff in Your City Neither One of You Have Seen

This is only a good first date idea if you go somewhere where there are a lot of different things to see.  For example, most cities have downtown areas with a huge variety of shops, businesses, places to eat, parks, etc.

It also gives you the opportunity to pop in somewhere and grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.

One important advantage of this type of date is the impression it creates.   The more variety of experience you share with someone, the longer they feel they’ve known you.  This means your date can become more comfortable with you in a shorter period of time.

By experiencing a variety of things on the first date, you create the impression that the date was longer than it actually was and that you’ve spent more time together…

Art Shows and Museums Have a Hidden Advantage You May Not Have Thought Of

Many women love art.  Art is all about emotions.  Looking at good art can trigger all kinds of emotions in someone who is interested in what they are seeing.  As well, a lot of art is subtly sexual in nature.   This can certainly work to your advantage on a date.

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Of course, you still have to ensure that she’s also interested in you, and not just the art.  The art will give you something interesting to talk about and a fun way to learn how each of you sees the world and interprets things…

An Overlooked Source of Great First Date Ideas

This one may sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked.  Presumably you had some type of conversation with her when you first met her.  You may have some idea at this point of what her interests are.

That could be a starting point for a great first date idea.  You could also just phone her up and casually ask her what kind of stuff she likes to do.  As long you are the one actually planning the details of the date in the end, she won’t mind helping you out with some ideas of her own.

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